Who Invented VST?

Virtual Stagger Technology (VST) was invented by an industry professional by the name of Randall Van Dyke. His technology has helped many professional musicians and luthiers improve their instruments by improving response, dynamic range and overall feel.

Mr. Van Dyke is very private individual and prefers to keep a low profile, so you won’t find him on Facebook or other social media sites. He’s not a fan of self-serving biographical pages but you can learn more about him by watching what his customers and peers say about him in the video below.

Mr. Van Dyke got his start in the industry by helping out a couple of guitar builders. That led to him getting OEM work building guitar pickups. Later he worked with Virgil Arlo and introduced the concept of VST. By 2014, Mr. Van Dyke’s VST Technology was being used in Virgil Arlo’s entire line of pickups. Since then Mr. Van Dyke has been focused on applying his VST Technology to his Tone Specific brand of pickups.