Innovation Detail

Virtual Stagger Technology (VST)

Details: A guitar pickup includes magnets, magnetic alloys, carbon, magnet wire and other metals. When certain alloys are combined with or fused to magnetic material in with specific techniques, the response of the guitar pickup is altered in away that produces a larger response area to the guitars strings. Since the 1950’s, guitar pickups used a method of altering the length of magnets or magnetic material, to compensate for fluctuation of string response. VST has improved upon this technology, resulting in a more balanced tone being produced by each guitar pickup. VST is applied to Strat, Tele, Humbucker, P90 and a variety of other guitar pickups.

Date of 1st Commercial Use: December 11, 2014

Owner: American Musical Products

Innovator: R. Van Dyke

Design Credits: V. Schmitt, J. Tomiens