Problems solved with VST.

Curved Radius

Virtual Stagger Technology addresses the age old problem of getting your guitar to respond evenly. The most obvious problem VST solves is the issue of guitar necks with a curved radius. Since most guitar necks have a slight curve and most pickups are built on flat bobbins, guitar players are forced to deal with hot and cold spots across the neck. This forces the player to constantly adjust pick attack to compensate for this mismatch of neck radius vs pickup radius. Even guitars with seemingly necks with a 12″ radius suffer as a result of this issue. VST increases the sweet spot of each pickup and allows the player to effortlessly play without the need to constantly adjust their pick attack.

String Height Variance (SHV)

Every electric guitar has the issue of string height variance. SHV obviously occurs when you play a on open note vs. a fretted note. What’s less obvious is the playing a note on the 5th vs. the 12th fret. It’s a real issue, that when eliminated, makes expressing yourself on guitar infinitely easier and more enjoyable. If you’ve been playing guitar for awhile, then you’ve trained yourself to stoke these notes different to compensate for SHV.